Social Program

Welcome Cocktail

The welcome cocktail will be held at the Rectorate (Via Verdi 8) from 18.30 until 21.30

During the welcome cocktail, Marica Vinassa, who recently graduated in our Department and joined our team, and Giada Vinassa will perform an acrobatic show. The show will start at 19.00.

Celebration of the 250th Anniversary of the Veterinary School in Piedmont

The Veterinary School was founded in 1769 in the Kingdom of Savoy near the town of Venaria (15km from Torino) by the surgeon Giovanni Brugnone (1741-1818). King Carlo Emanuele III had sent four surgeons to learn Veterinary Medicine in France to fulfill the cavalry’s needs at a time of frequent wars. This new Veterinary School, the first in Italy and the fourth in Europe, was then relocated to various sites in the area of Torino (Chivasso in 1793, the Valentino Castle in Torino until 1814, Fossano until 1841, Venaria until 1859, Torino until 1999, and Grugliasco until today). In 1934, the School became one of the Faculties of the University of Torino.

To celebrate our 250th anniversary, Prof. Ivo Zoccarato and Prof. Milo Julini will offer us a delightful lectio magistralis about our School History, "Piedmontese Veterinary Medicine in the 19th Century: amid city, countryside… and Cavalry". A light cocktail will be offered after the lecture. Both lecture and cocktail will be held at the Cavallerizza Reale (main congress hall) on Wednesday 18th September 2019 from 18.30 to 19.45.

Gala Cocktail, visiting the Risorgimento Museum and Gala Dinner

The social dinner will take place on September 19th at Palazzo Carignano, which was the first House of Deputies of the Subalpine Parliament between 1848 and 1861 and, right after the unification, House of Deputies of the Kigdom of Italy until 1864. Before the social dinner, congress participants are invited to visit the Risorgimento Museum, located inside Palazzo Carignano.

Evening program

18.30-19.30 Risorgimento Museum: congress participants are invited to visit the museum before the Gala Dinner. Feel free to manage your time during the visit since no guided tour is scheduled.

19.30-20.00 Gala Cocktail at the Risorgimento Museum: while awaiting the ladies and gentleman preparing for the Gala Dinner or concluding their Museum visit, we would like to welcome you with a refreshing aperitif.

20.00-23.00 Gala Dinner at the Risorgimento Museum: a fabulous menu and great wine list, together with sophisticated music will be the ingredients for a "tasty" evening.

During the Gala Dinner, Natalie Lithwick (mezzosoprano), Maurizio Piantelli (lute and guitar) and Lorenzo Brondetta (flutes) will lead us through the music journey "Things with wings, flying from Renaissance to Jazz".

23.00-01.30 DJ-Bias (Dr. Ilaria Biasato, DVM PhD) will shake an international dance floor.

The post Gala Dinner Party will take place at Unione Culturale Antonicelli in the underground of Palazzo Carignano. Franco Antonicelli (1902-1974) was anti-fascist journalist, publisher, literary critic, poet, theater author, television director and president of the Unione Culturale. In 1968 he was elected in the Italian Parliament (Senate), where he was mainly involved in issues regarding human rights, culture and university. The party will be organized in collaboration with Divine Queer Film Festival (, a film festival that promote the issues of gender identity, migration and disability.

Risorgimento Museum

Unione Culturale Antonicelli